Below are some areas of application for which we have delivered systems, equipment, or engineering designs. We are happy to provide more details upon request.

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Robot systems

We primarily provide robotics for piece goods handling.

  • Material transport
  • Pallet loading
  • Machine tending
  • Assembly
  • End label robots for roll packing plants
  • End label carousels for roll packing plants

Marking systems

  • Robot-based labelling systems
  • Print&Apply sticker printers and affixing equipment
  • Black-and-white and colour laser printers in robot cells
  • Thermal and thermal transmission printers in robot cells
  • Ream marking with a laser marker and sheet counting, plus sheet thickness measurements
  • Turnkey deliveries

Design commissions

Since 1984, we have acted as a design office with what is now Valmet’s Järvenpää factory, working mainly on projects dealing with the engineering design of paper finishing machines, known as calendars.

Another area of expertise for us are paper winders and unwinders, pope rollers and centre rollers.

Special equipment manufacturing

Engineering design skills have formed the foundation of RoboMec’s activities right from the start. Along the way we’ve designed and manufactured a wide range of automation equipment. For example:

  • Assembly and component handling equipment for Helvar Oy’s choker factory.
  • Plastic component assembly equipment with vibration sorters for Perlos Oy. E.g. assembly of safety corks and roll-on deodorant bottle heads.
  • Mobile phone case tray changing equipment for Perlos, which moves one tray at a time to and from the robot area.
  • Welding automation equipment for ball valves for Vesinieminen Oy (now Vexve Oy).
  • For Vesinieminen Oy, we delivered welding robot jigs and eccentric press tools for shaping valve components.
  • Many kinds of robot grippers, conveyors, and other auxiliary equipment for ABB Robotics.
  • For Pyroll Oy, we delivered among other equipment a device that automatically glues marking tape on the bottom and top of the paper web of a winder in the cross-direction.
  • A portal robot for unloading sets of pallets from the sheet cutter that can move pallets weighing up to 2000kg. The most recent installation was for Moriz J. Weig’s factory in Germany

Our customers are primarily within the EU area, but we have completed deliveries to the USA for UPM Raflatac’s Mills River and Dixon plants.