Engineering design

Engineering design

In addition to the design of our own equipment manufacturing, we also provide engineering design as a service, from 3D modelling to work drawings, and e.g. reviewing the location of machine lines, and planning the modernisation of old machines. We use the CatiaV5 program for engineering design, which supports Catia models and the .step and .iges file formats. Catia models can also be used to create .stl files for 3D printing.

We use a 3D printer with a 420mm x 300mm bed and a printing height of 200mm. The printer has two printing heads that can be used to simultaneously print two objects, an object and its mirror image, or one head can be used to print water-soluble support material. The printer can print technical plastics as well as carbon or fibreglass plastic composites. The device is also suitable for printing plastic composites that will be sintered, but we do not have a sintering oven at our disposal.

The 3D printer can be used to manufacture affordable and rapidly available prototypes or samples in the prototype design of relatively small components.

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