Products and services

RoboMec supplies labelling systems and equipment based on label printing or inkjet printing solutions.

We supply systems based on industrial robots, complete with label printers or inkjet printers for labelling of transport packages.

RoboMec specialises in robot system design. We provide robot arms for different purposes in material processing and packaging.

ABB Global Partner Program is a programme that ABB Robotics provides for their closest partners, such as RoboMec Oy. ABB has given us the status of a certified partner.

Robot arms come to us via the Finnish branch of ABB and we deliver them to our customers primarily within the EU area. We have, however, delivered as far away as the home state of the Blues Brothers (Jake & Elwood), Illinois.

The RoboMec staff takes care of robot programming and customer personnel training, but ABB organisation is available to us locally for maintenance and warranty repairs. ABB Robotics maintains the same warranty principles everywhere, which is an important benefit for us as system providers: regardless of country, we can be certain that our customers will be provided with professional and reliable support.

We have also offered mechanics design since 1984. We use Catia v5 3D design software. We offer a wide variety of design solutions for mechanical engineering and product development. We specialize in robotics and finishing machinery for paper mills.

Our specialities in paper and board mill mechanics are:

  • OnLine and OffLine calenders
  • Rebuilds of supercalender
  • Centre reel-ups (both in and off reeling)
  • Pope reels
  • Mechanics design
  • Doctors
  • Threading mechanics
  • Actuators
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and pipe work
  • Field piping