It would take a lot of space to list here all the references RoboMec has gathered over these past more than 20 years, so below are some highlights of our deliveries so far. Please contact us for more detailed information!

RoboMec is a member of ABB Global Partner Program and we have received a certification from ABB for our approved knowledge as a robot system supplier.

We have delivered robot systems for:

  • Material handling
  • Palletizing
  • Machine tending
  • Assembly

We have delivered marking systems using laser, thermal transfer and matrix printers as well as industrial ink-jet printers:

  • Robot based labelling systems
  • Mectec Print&Apply Units
  • Black&White and Colour laser printed labes
  • Ink-Jet printer on robot arm
  • Matrix printed labels
  • Software for create label form and print server
  • Turn Key deliveries
  • Consumables

Since launching our business in year 1984, we have provided engineering services for Metso Paper Järvenpää (formerly Valmet Järvenpää) Works. We specialise in calenders and roller units.

Rather than expanding our offices, RoboMec has consistently employed 5 to 8 people, thus Metso commissions have kept our designers fully occupied.

RoboMec's success has always been based on strong know-how of machine design. Let us choose the following cases as representatives of our many references, ranging from the very beginning to present day:

  • Helvar Oy, assembly and handling equipment
  • Perlos Oy, assembly and handling equipment for plastic parts
  • Perlos Oy, automatic palette handlig for robot cells
  • Vesinieminen Oy, welding machines for ball valves
  • Vesinieminen Oy, tools for welding and press machines
  • ABB, different types of robot grippers and periphery equipment
  • Pyroll Oy, automatic tape machine
  • StoraEnso Ingerois, gantry robot for heavy loads, up to 2000kg
Over the past few years, we have been commissioned primarily for labelling and material handling solutions for paper and board mills, but we welcome all special machine projects.