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The history of RoboMec Oy

RoboMec Oy was founded in the Finnish Capital Region in late 1983 and entered in the Trade Register in June 1984. The basic concept of the business idea was to design and manufacture mechanics for handling and assembling of material. We were primarily concerned with mechanics design, but we also provided manufacturing of the finished products via subcontractors.

We found our most significant customer from outside our primary business concept by coincidence, when the Wärtsilä mill in Järvenpää was looking for designers for their projects. We designed supercalender mechanics and were involved in developing the automatic rollers of the supers.

In the dawn of the early 90s recess, we received over 90% of our turnover from the same Järvenpää mill, now owned by Valmet. Once the recess hit, Valmet orders stopped altogether and RoboMec started to work more within the original business idea. It was then that we found a niche in which our know-how of the paper mills and material processing mechanics could be combined: industrial robots for paper and board mill packing, labelling and material processing applications.

After a pause of approximately one year, the orders from Valmet started again and nowadays the Järvenpää mill, now owned by Metso, is still our greatest single customer representing approximately one fourth of our yearly turnover. Our Metso team designs mechanics in calender mill projects, working with Catia work stations. Since year 1992, RoboMec business premises have been in Kotka.